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. >> i grew up in louisiana, spent a lot of time in new orleans. i grew up in baton rouge, i spent a lot of time in new orleans. people who live around the superdome, you know, the power goes out a lot around the superdome, the power grid gets stressed a lot. especially with the french quarter there and after hurricane katrina. usually there is a backup generator, a reserve generator, just like they have in hospitals. in any major facility, you would think in a sporting facility like that, they would have it, in an arena like that. things were going so well for new orleans when it came to recovery for hurricane katrina, every time i go back, the city really looks like it's recovering, this is a huge black eye, the world is watching, all of a sudden in the middle of the biggest game of the year, the biggest sporting game of the year, the power goes out and the momentum of the game changes. this is not good for the city. i love the city. i'm just being honest, mark? >> no. and we've had an incredible week here. it has been one incredible week this city has been looking forward to since the
to the neighbors who know the captive well. here in new orleans, we return to the man who faced down katrina. >> you saw those people standing around the superdome and you said to yourself what? >> now what was an arena of misery is host to america's biggest party. >> and meet trombone short at this, michelle miller introduces us to the child project who grew up to be a star. captioning sponsored by cbs >> this is the cbs evening news with scott pelley reporting tonight from jackson square in new orleans. >> pelley: good evening, we have a lot to get to on this super bowl eve, and we will tell you all about that in a moment. t first we are going to turn to a place that is legendary for being very far away. there was a remarkable spectacle in the town of timbuktu today, the center of culture in the african nature of mali, islamic extremists had taken over there, but this week, french forces with american help retook it and today the french president capped the triumph with a quick visit to the city, whose people had suffered under the severe islamic code known as sharia law. elizabeth palmer
>> welcome to the program. tonight we begin with new orleans the city, and three people who recently moved back here because of their love of it. reflecting are james carville, mary matalin and julia reed. >> so what do you love about being here? >> let us count the ways. >> this is the way that i can explain new orleans. everybody else talks about a quality of life. you live in washington,-- the mondayments, the buildings, the kennedy center, the universities, the great medical centres, very highly rated quality of life. here no one ever speaks of the quality of life, it's a way of life. we have our music, our food, our social structure, our architecture, our body of literature. we even have our own funerals. so weeasure qlity of life by way of life, if our way of iv is intact and our culture is intact, then that's fine. and we don't really, in a big part of our way of life is to be comfortable with our otherness. we really don't aspire. we love to go to new york. we love to go to las vegas, and we love to go to washington, or anywhere. >> rose: even paris. >> paris who wou
street bands everywhere. there are 150 different bands that are playing this weekend in new orleans. and so but what is happened is if you think of a street band, the way this guys exist is by tips. and whether what do we carry that young people don't carry, cash, money. >> okay. and so they've developed an app, these silicon via guys that you can tip with your cell phone. so the guy puts it out there so the street musicians are playing, and you just, they have a thing, if you want to tip them five buck, you don't have five bucks you can tip with your cell phone, that is where technology -- >> technology makes culture. >> i was having a great time sort of commuting back and forth between here and new york and never really thinking about this as a place that i would build a permanent life. and one of the reasons that was, was because it wasn't a city where people were really taking responsible for themselves any more. there was no civic-- you know there was no sense that you do get the government you deserve. you need to fight to make things better. i mean i grew newspaper a small to
. >> pelley: nancy, thank you. here in new orleans worries of all kinds have been put aside just for this weekend and for america's biggest party. >> people from all over are here to watch the baltimore ravens and the san francisco 49 in other words the super bowl, jim axelrod tells us hosting the game is like a coming out party for a city reborn. >> streetcars rolled on the brand new loyola line in new orleans, and mechanic bruce godfrey says that tells us everything we need to know about the recovery here. we have not only backed to prekatrina levels i think we have moved forward we now have a new line that wasn't here when katrina hit so the katrina is behind us. >> when hurricane katrina hit godfrey's home was swamped by storm waters and he rode out the storm in a repair center for the transit system. >> and you thought this yard was safe right? >> never had flooded before. >> it did this time, sub meshing buses and 32 streetcars were lost. >> i actually stayed here and watched them go underwater and it was a helpless feeling. didn't know if i would ever see them again. >> it
spoke with them about tomorrow's big game. he joins us now from new orleans. these guys know about the super bowl. >> oh, they certainly do. they have several rings. we talked to a ton of guys today. many of the current stars, some former stars, some niners stars of the past, we are outside louis armstrong park in new orleans at the honors show. here's some of who we talked to, some legends of the game and some current guys. what a night in new orleans. the theater bringing together a-list celebrities and football legends all with thoughts on what to look for tomorrow in the super bowl. >> i'm hoping for a no-holds barred. i want to see a physical football game. i want to see a game that is real competitive. i feel like the niners will win this 24-17. >> quarterback to quarterback what makes kaepernick such a differencemaker, so explosive? >> i think his legs. his ability to extend plays. his confidence. he's a cool, calm, collected guy. thrives under pressure. this is just another game. as the outside world tries to build it up as something that's larger than life, but it's still
to kickoff in new orleans, a cnn bleacher report special. that is the mercedes-benz super dome. we are coming to you from fulton street in new orleans. i'm jerryd greenburg welcome back. let's review bleacher report's top five quarterback performances in the super bowl. and kids, you too can go from bagging groceries to winning a super bowl mvp. kurt warner, three appearances, a win and most valuable player honor. from an undrafted player to a guy picked in the 17th round. nothing like setting the bar high, right out of the gate. the packers, back-to-back wins in super bowl i and ii. tom brady, three wins, twice the most valuable player. terry bradshaw, four super bowl appearances in six years. two-time most valuable player. and joe montana also a perfect 4-0 in super bowls, and his last one coming right here in the big easy. guys, you know, the super bowl is played in a controlled environment down here. right now gorgeous atmosphere. 66 degrees. 365 days from right now, we'll be in east rutherford, new jersey for super bowl xlviii. today the forecast, o a brisk 30 degrees. there's a chance o
and glitz coverage live from new orleans. hey, andrea. >> reporter: hi, derek. live from my hometown new orleans and live from a great party, patronne tequila express on the edge -- the patron tequila express party on the edge of seventh street. we'll meet the original of this wonderful product the spirit and the owner of the railcar in a while, but now we're enjoying food, drink, as well as spirits for a good cause. i want you to meet the founder and ceo of the project. this is zach rosenberg. he lived in our washington d.c. area several years but decided after hurricane katrina he wanted to do something for this area. he started the st. bernard project. zach, good to have you here. what is the st. bernard project? >> thanks for being here. welcome to new orleans. the st. bernard project is an organization that rebuilds homes for survivors of hurricane katrina and of disasters around the country. >> reporter: 7 1/2 years later how much still needs to be done as far as rebuilding homes here in new orleans? >> there's a tremendous amount of work left to do here in new orleans. it's a gre
this morning." we are in super bowl park at jackson square here in new orleans. the big game is less than 36 hours way. the road to super bowl xlvii took many twists and turns not only for the 49ers and the ravens but the nfl and its fans. >> we saw a series of controversies this season bountygait, replacement refs, and a new focus on head injuries. jeff fwlor is just down the road at super dome with how the road leads here. jeff, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. a marked difference in security this morning. on previous days getting in to the super dome we did have to go through a metal detector but it was once we were already inside. today there's a perimeter security set up and roadblocks this after a very busy day yesterday. ♪ >> reporter: as fans continued streaming into the city for pleasure, nfl commissioner roger goodell friday talked business. >> i'll do anything that's going to help us make the game safer and better. >> reporter: in his annual state of the league address, goodell said he and the players' union are now on their way with testing for hu
orleans. >> new orleans. >> new orleans. i don't know who got that part. >> what does it mean when you see somebody walking down the street with a necklace of beads? >> they're having a great time. >> this is 2010, the day of the super bowl. >> we've got a tremendous reputation as being the tourist destination as does new orleans. that's kind of one of our businesses. >> reporter: we can't say new orleans, but you can't say frisco. >> good. >> oh yeah. >> and we get our sun in every day. >> that's a big difference. >> it's a big difference, yes, definitely. >> it is never closed. we are hope 24/7, 365. >> we get out here all the time. >> i'm telling you they are addicted. >> all of a sudden you can see that there and the towers. literally a basket case. >> the best time for new orleans. it's the first thing in the morning like right now. it's very quiet. it's easy to get around as it will be very nice. this is the second most popular graveyard destination. >> it's one of those things that makes them unique. >> oh, you walked into the cla
the floats and what are the signs that new orleans is kind of changing from mardi gras are right now and really turning into a football town, at least for a couple more days. >> reporter: yeah, they are turning into a football town. we've seen more and more fans come out here, so i have to tell you, though, even though football is just a few days away, mardi gras is not a distant memory. we've seen a lot of beads in the street. and the mardi gras flavor is still here. after the super bowl is played on sunday, of course mardi gras is going to pick up again until fat tuesday on february 12th. >> that monday should be fun right after the game. >> how about football fans, are you starting to see more 9ers fans and ravens fans milling about on bourbon street and the lot. >> reporter: we have seen a lot of fans but there are not as many fans as we thought there would be and that may be because it's so expensive to fly into new orleans right now. it's also a little expensive to stay here, definitely, in the hotels so we've been looking for those 49 fans an
24 hours until super bowl xlvii. fans from here to baltimore to new orleans. they are all ready tonight, hello, everybody, i'm bruce johnson. we'll go live to new orleans in a moment. first, a little bit of snowfalling across the region. erica grow is in the weather center. hi erica. >> we have some light snow showers moving through. not a big snow accumulation. you can see exactly what we have going on right now. you can see what looks like pockets of heavier snow over the d.c. metro area. but because of how dry it is at the surface, a lot of this is not even reaching the ground. we will continue to see more bands of snow showers move through as we head through the overnight. since temperatures are below freezing in a couple locations, you can see there are 28 and 29's on the map in the north and west suburbs of the district. looks like we could see some snow sticking to the roadways and sidewalks, just like we had on friday morning. that's not our only potential for snow in the forecast. i'll give you more details coming up that could start off the workweek. bruce, back to yo
off the biggest "gma" super bowl tailgate party in new orleans. the one and only tim mcgraw, li live. it all starts right now. >>> and good morning, everyone. hello to josh and sam down in new orleans this morning. they rode down with robin. back home with her family for the first time since her bone marrow transplant. first, the breaking news out of turkey. >> right to that blast in front of the u.s. embassy in theou are the kish capital of ankara. pierre thomas is tracking the latest. >> reporter: the situation is very fluid. we're trying to get more details. here's what we are learned. there's been an explosion near the entrance to the embassy. there's a hole in the wall. the building is still standing. balan ambulances are on the way. some of the tv stations out of turkey are describing it as a suicide bombing. we're working to get more details. >> what do we know about the threat level that embassy? had there been threats recently? what kinds of precautions were in place to keep the embassy safe? >> reporter: we don't have those details yet. since the benghazi situation, embassi
. josh and sam are in new orleans. they rode down with robin. back home with her family for the first time since her bone marrow transplant. she's working her way back step by step. step by happy step. we'll have more on that later. such an important part of her recovery and she was so excited to get down to that region. >>> but first, let's get to that blast at the u.s. embassy in ankara. let's start with pierre. one of the most heavily fortified embassies in the middle east. it happened in the middle of the day. >> reporter: the situation is veried fluid. we're trying to get more details. a blast at the gate to the u.s. embassy. the state department is calling this a terrorist attack. the associated press is reporting that the u.s. ambassador has told reporters there that a guard at the gate was killed. at least one turkish citizen has wounded. they're calling it a suicide bombing. rescue personnel are at the scene. u.s. officials here in washington are pressing to get more information. pierre homegrown islamic terrorists have exploded bombs in istanbul before. any claims of respons
continue to pour into new orleans. >> brad bell is in the big easy to check out what is happening before the big match up. he joins us live from the french quarter, where as you might imagine the fans are out in force. >> the tailgating is already well underway, beginning early today. it is that kind of town. there are a lot of people here. as far as we can tell, they're having as much fun looking at each other as anything else. the purple passion is on full display in orleans. >> -- in new orleans. >> this is still unbelievable. >> she is kind of a celebrity among ravens fanatics. star spotting has become a popular activity. >> it is great to see the celebrities walking around. i>> he is good with the names and faces. >> we did a little bit of it today in the media center. how is it going steve young and jerry rice? >> ron jaworski. we cannot see ray riec, but he was in the same restaurant. >> they gathered around the espn set to catch glimpses. >> some saw joe montana. >> i saw it -- i heard rumors about a lot of people, but have not witnessed it personally. >> she will have to be a li
is excited. >> baltimore fans extend all the way down to the big easy. new new orleans is absolutely covered in purple. espn tweeted this picture. there is not much 49ers red there. it is all purple. >> here is what they had to say from new orleans. >> we are just moments away from super bowl 47 here in new orleans. we will talk to a few ravens fans. how are you feeling about heading into the game? >> i am feeling good. >> are you guys enjoying yourselves? >> we are having a great time. we do not know why they would have a super bowl anywhere else but new orleans. >> just walking in. >> we are here. bring it on back to baltimore. we deserve it. it is ours. we are coming to get it. >> the game just moments away. that is the latest here from new orleans. >> thank you very much. what is game spirit without spirit wear. >> she has a piece on where to find fan gear beyond your wildest dreams. >> inside these walls as a football fan's paradise. every item of football memorabilia you can imagine. there is no shortage of ravens gear. we cannot help but notice a fair share of shoppers wearing purple.
super bowl xlvii. the excitement is intensifying both here and in new orleans. we are team coverage this morning. abc7 news reporter katie marzullo is live in new orleans. but we begin here in san francisco with abc7 news reporter kira klapper. >> good morning to you, carolyn. you are right. excitement is intensifying. we are here right in front of the ferry building with market street meets the embarcadero. slowly as the morning progresses we are seeing more and more people coming out in their niners red and gold. some people running into the ferry building for last minute supplies for their super bowl parties. we have footage from the march raina district yesterday where people were buying up everything that they could with 49ers low goes on it. 49er characters at suzie's cakes were in excess of $100. one 49er fan from the central valley told me this morning he's already stocked up to watch the game as home with his family and he's keeping his eye on one player in particular. >> colin kaepernick. i'm from modesto and we just want to see a local hero finish the deal and get the six
to be on sunday. by the way, this is new orleans 10th time hosting a super bowl but only the 7th for the super dome. the first three were held at tulane stadium. there are more than 76,000 seats at the super dome. they spent $750 million on upgrades to the dome since hurricane katrina and by the way, $200 for parking outside that super dome. now, we've been wanting to hear from the coaches, jim and john harbaugh: and we've heard from them separately but now there is a scheduled news conference for later this morning, 6:30 california time where they are going to actually take the podium together and take a little bit about this upcoming game and maybe even a little bit about their sibling rivalry. so right now, it's pretty exciting. we have a special guest who's not going to join us quite yet. when he's cone with this interview, he's going to come and tell us a little bit about football and you'll want to know who he is because he knows a lot about football. for now, i'm going to send it back into the studio, frank. >>> thank you very much michelle, let's ge
-winning movie could not have been more remote. the small-business owner and new orleans residents not only survived katrina, but they became one of the first businesses to reopen after the storm. the directors of "beast of the southern wild" asked him to star in their movie, and he said no, and now, dwight henry is one of the stars of the film. here are now some scenes of "beast of the southern wild." ♪ tavis: so the first question is, who is baking the good stuff? who is baking cookies when you are going out on tour, talking about your film? >> i have two partners who are holding it down while i go on this press tour. tavis: good to meet you. i just want to jump in because these stories are fascinating to me, how something comes together so organically, and it ends up being such a success that it winds at sundance, it gets all kind of a claim at cannes, it makes a star out of you, but it is your first time acting. >> yes. tavis: i am going to screw her name up. >> quvenzhane. tavis: it is much easier to say hushpuppy. the director, his first feature at 29 years of age, and all of this g
america" team is joining in on the phone. >> katie marzullo is live in new orleans to tell us more. >> good morning. consider this: new orleans is a party. the super bowl is a party. "good morning america" is a party and you put them together and you have the tailgate party of gma. they are breaking down the set they have set up in the french quarter but it was so much fund -- fun. fans were lined up, waiting to most sam and josh this morning before the sun even came up. the guys throwing the football around, shaking hands, chatting people up and having a good time. when i talked to them i asked who they are rooting positive and you will like the answer. >> they are asking me who i am rooting for which is like picking the game but i don't --. >> you can root? >> you can root. >> i will root for san francisco. >> root for san francisco. >> why not? i am hearing for san francisco. >> can i get some kaepernicking? can you say that? >> this is about the coaches. >> that's the quaterback. >> understand, it took a week to explain to sam it is the one with the oblong shape that we kick an
how to turn around failing public schools. what was the new orleans school system the day after katrina? >> it was gone. >> pelley: and steve hartman "on the road" with one man's odyssey to new orleans to honor its biggest fan. >> he was my hero. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. reporting tonight from jackson square in new orleans. >> pelley: good evening. we are here to cover the super bowl this sunday, but we start tonight with the economy. it took nearly five years but the dow is back above 14,000, a symbolic end to the worst economic crisis since the great depression. back in october of 2007 the dow hit an all time high of 14,164 and then the bottom fell out. by march of' 099, that key measure of america's economic health had fallen to 6,547. today the dow gained 149 points to close at 14,009. the market was giving a thumbs up to the latest jobs report. while unemployment did tick up a tenth of a point to 7.9%, a separate survey of employers shows that they added 157,000 new jobs. but is the stock market's big gain a sign of econo
in new orleans today. the opposing head coaches held a joint news conference. this doesn't normally happen. then again, there's nothing normal about this super bowl. jim and john harbaugh, you know the story, and not to be forgotten, jay harbaugh, the 23-year-old son of jim harbaugh. jay works for the ravens. all sorts of harbaughs here. a series of reports. scott budman in san jose with the last-minute travel rush for fans and, how about this, news of slashed ticket prices. we begin with ahmed fareed. i hear music in the background. take it away now. >> reporter: yeah, raj, they are partying here in new orleans, the party city. that would make sense. harbaugh versus harbaugh storyline was in danger of being tapped out two weeks ago but both jim and john did a good job turning that focus on the players. but today that focus got turned back on jim and john, the h harbaugh brothers in the cross hairs once again. they were making some nfl history. our own mindi bach with the story. >> reporter: for the first ever joint super bowl press conference featuring both head coaches. jim harbau
to new orleans today, and an airline is actually helping out with that. cbs 5's cate cauguiran is at sfo with more on that. good morning cate. >> reporter: good morning to you michelle. we're seeing the 9ers fans start to e show up and check in for the early morning flights at sfo. the workers tell me that they have their regular line ups for flights to the big easy today and hopefully it should be an easy day of travel because of southwest. the airline did offer more nonstop flights from baltimore to san francisco to new orleans and this was helpful to fans trying to get to the big game. from what we've seen at the local airports, the high prices are worth it. >> when i was born out of my mom's womb, i came out with a football in my hand. >> reporter: now, 9ers fans were greeted by that new orleans hospitality we've been talking about, just getting to the airport, fans were greeted by a live band, and now i actually just checked on different web sites in terms of trying it get to the big easy today. if you are trying to catch a flight today
: the big topic in new orleans was the profootball hall of fame and for the second year in a row, former player and owner of 49ers didn't make the cut. however, larry alan was joined by jonathan ogden and chris robinson. while those guys have their moment in the hall of fame later this summer, i think the bay area is going to think, well what happened to the raiders tim brown? the sack master charles hailey and of course, eddie demarlow. >> will eddie get in some day, we don't know. sit very rare that contributors go in. once every four our five years. this was his best shot, but unfortunately, he didn't make it. >> really, only two people i believe may have spoken against him. there wasn't much. most of the discussion was fairly positive. but you don't know what the people want. >> reporter: high superbowl ranks not enough yet. so that was kind of a downer today, but you can change that with the superbowl tomorrow. and coming up later in the broad broadcast, we will get together and get our superbowl picks. >> michelle griego is there, in new orl
-long 49ers fan. i am extremely jealous that you're in new orleans and i'm not. >> give me a final score. >> reporter: what was that? >> give me a final score. >> reporter: oh, my gosh. 49ers by a touchdown. >> okay. typical linda yee fashion. 49ers win this football game. >>> well, it is not just the police who are busy. cbs 5 reporter patrick sedillo tells us more. >> reporter: at this supermarket they can't stock the shelves fast enough. this distributor is making sure there will be plenty of beer and has a full plate. >> this is one of the busiest weekends, that and the fourth of july. it will be triple the amount of beer sales. >> we are fruit and wine, you know. but we have some other stuff at home and we can't wait. >> i have the cup cakes. i have been to three places looking. >> all the chips, salsa and beer has these cashiers sending the party supplies out as fast as they come in. >> reporter: here at fire house pizza they have the chicken wings. >> they are stocked and ready. >> i expect to do 60 to 1 100 deliveries that day. >> an
and more purnl. half of the town is here in new orleans. >> thank goodness we are finally here on a game day. there really is a game at the end of all of this. there was news yesterday not team related but as far as the nfl. there was mixed emotions. very good news for jonathan ogden not in the hall of fame model. he was the first ballot hall of famer. he received the news and was ecstatic. we all expected him to get in on the first ballot. he was 11 time pro bowler. 177 games for the ravens and was the most dominant left tackle in his position virtually his entire career there. that's how you get into the hall of fame. >> i called my mother. i did. i had to call whmom and say -- she was watching tv she would scream and yell. what the ravens being original draft pick for the ravens i want to thank the baltimore ravens and fans. hopefully i get a chance to get on the field and watch ray lewis gets to play his last game. started the ravens together and it's a full circle weekend here. >> so great news for jonathan ogd ogden. a little disappointing for art modell. >> we thought it would be
on new orleans' famed bourbon street overnight, wounding four people and sending mardi gras revelers running for cover. police said the shooting followed an argument. two men and two women were hit. one of those injured is in guarded condition. the shooter still at large. new orleans for years has suffered an epidemic of gun violence, earning it the distinction of being the nation's murder capital. it, however, is not taking it lying down. tonight nbc news kicks off a special week-long look at gun violence and gun ownership called "flashpoint: guns" and we begin in new orleans with how they are trying to unravel a culture of violence. >> it looks like a maroon vehicle. >> a cool, damp night is a good night for new orleans police commander christopher goodly. it keeps things quiet. a welcome breather for a city racked by a chronically high murder rate. >> we have a homicide rate that is unnatural. >> new orleans saw 193 murders last year, its per capita rate of homicides nearly three times that of chicago. most of the victims, young african-american men shot to death. single mother of
blitz and glitz coverage in new orleans. >> reporter: hi. good evening. we don'tike the idea of snow in your forecast because we're having a beautiful evening here. we want to thank david and carol for allowing us to use their beautiful balcony. look at that backdrop again, the brewery and the beautiful lights. it's a gorgeous evening, more and more fans coming into town, more and more ravens fans coming in and they are thrilled about the fact that new orleans is supporting them. everyone is talking about not the baltimore ravens or ray lewis or the 49ers. they're talking halftime entertainment and beyonce. kristin fisher has all the answers to questions about what she's singing and if she's singing. ♪ and the rocket's red glare ♪ ♪ >> reporter: a flawless acappella performance of the star spangled banner and when she finished, she smiled and simply said -- >> any questions? >> reporter: that put an end to any question about whether or not she could sing it, so what did happen on inauguration day? >> due to the weather, due to the delays, due to no proper sound check, i did n
>> super bowl mania continues. we have live team coverage from new orleans. >> we are dealing with slick road issues this evening with light snow that started midafternoon and below-freezing temperatures. we will begin with john collins to give us a look at what is coming up. >> it seems like a light snow caused a lot of problems as far as traffic is concerned. people are taking it for granted. i will buy this over a foot of snow. a little clipper is coming in out of the ohio river valley. it moved out of that area this morning and into our area this afternoon. there is another one behind it in iowa. i want to give you a few totals that accumulate. 9/10 of an inch. let's see. 1 inch in garrison. at simpsonville -- only a trace in and around all county. -- in anne arundel county. generally speaking, less than an inch of snow. there are several more of these clippers out they're lined up and ready to come in. i will talk about that in the instaweather plus forecast. >> you can get the forecast as it is updated on our apps that give you radar and the seven-day forecast in the pal
as more and more people are arriving. officials expect 200,000 people to make their way to new orleans this weekend. a lot of miles to feed, a lot of drinks to be served. we took a closer look at the super bowl by the numbers. they were staggering. it takes a lot to accommodate your guests, but what happens when you have close to 200,000 at the same time? that is what they are expecting in new orleans this weekend for the super bowl. it takes approximately 36,000 man hours and over 25 days and 150 people to put up all the superable decorations around the city. it will take 300 people a week to take them down. this beautiful super bowl xlvii display required nine semi trucks to get it here and weighs almost 220,000 pounds. as far as getting around, more than 5000 buses and cars will be transporting teams, staff, and ticket holders all over town. >> we will probably sell 3000 people. >> the owner says he expects to serve more than 30,000 of this famous " oysters over the weekend. more than 1000 sacks of oysters and 15 people just for shucking. >> it is a louisiana oyster. i will tell you
by he's with the 49ers down in new orleans. first we are starting with tara moriarty on a developing story. tara, this is causing new distractions for the team. >> reporter: that is for sure. this is actually an antibullying video that two players made. and it's a little odd but at first both denied ever making it. >> leave -- letting yourself set goals for yourself. >> reporter: line backer ahmad brooks and isaac told a usa today sports reporter they didn't realize the purpose behind a video me made last august was to fight bullying against gay, lesbian, and by sexual teens. now the video has been pulled from the it gets better campaign website. brooks said he knew it was an antibullying video but not an antigay rights thing. >> someone would have told them. >> reporter: you think they should come out and speak out in support of it? >> they should come out and speak out. support teens and you know it's a big deal. >> reporter: no matter if they are gay or straight. >> of course. >> reporter: now when you look at the video, brooks and sow pa have short clips. the words gay and lesbia
bowl in new orleans. >>> in san francisco, the city takes precautions against necessity game-related violence. >> i'm ken pritchett. >> i'm heather holmes and ken wayne is in new orleans. >> the 49ers were busy in new orleans. family and friends surrounded the players aste took to the followed for one final walk through before they balloted the baltimore ravens for the lombardi trophy. we have team coverage of the big match-up covered by latest on the players, including myrick ibaÑez and san francisco steps for the preventing of any game-related velocity. >> reporter: there is a lot of excitement in new orleans. we have these big footballs that are scattered all over the city and as you look around, you can see there is still a lot of active here. there are some here who are bit queasy in the big easy, because they don't have a super bowl ticket, but there is still a lot of excitement, because tomorrow is the big day. what do you do on super bowl eve? you go shopping. >> before we just wanted to have fun and enjoy new orleans, but tomorrow it's about the game. >> reporte
, both here and in new orleans. we have team coverage tonight. mike shumann is live in new orleans but we begin here in san francisco with abc7 news reporter john alston. >> we're here in one of the areas police are expecting crowds in addition to the mission, as welling a north beach. the plan is when the fans compiling out of bars, the federal people they see are the police. this is what happened last year after the world series. the next test for san francisco police will come tomorrow. the department will have more than 100 extra officers on duty. the chief is reminding partiers there well be more eyes watching them than just the police. >> when you're mugging for a camera, there's other cameras looking at you and the time to be contrite for acting out isn't when you have a felony charge. it's before hand. >> there are less serious preparations tonight. at this cake shop they're turning out cakes and cookies and cupcakes. >> 49ers cupcakes. >> the cupcakes will be a crucial part of mary's super bowl party tomorrow. >> whoever can get closest to how long the national anthem is going to
're just hours away from super bowl xlvii, and the excitement is brewing, both here and in new orleans. we have team coverage tonight. mike shumann is live in new orleans but we begin here in san francisco with abc7 news reporter john alston. >> we're here in one of the areas police are expecting crowds in addition to the mission, as welling a north beach. the plan is when the fans compiling out of bars, the federal people they see are the police. this is what happened last year after the world series. the next test for san francisco police will come tomorrow. the department will have more than 100 extra officers on duty. the chief is reminding partiers there well be more eyes watching them than just the police. >> when you're mugging for a camera, there's other cameras looking at you and the time to be contrite for acting out isn't when you have a felony charge. it's before hand. >> there are less serious preparations tonight. at this cake shop they're turning out cakes and cookies and cupcakes. >> 49ers cupcakes. >> the cupcakes will be a crucial part of mary's super bowl party tomorrow.
ticket a gift from new orleans-based photographer robert. brennan risked his life the night superstorm sandy hit his beach front community. back at breezy point brennan showed tus devastation and explained how when homes started burning, he threw on his wet suit and paddle board today rescue neighbor sgls i told them i was going to go down and search house to house make sure, you know, that's the way the place is. we're neighbors. you always look out for each other. >> robert fogarty snapped this photo for his photo project. tim's message, the reason why we fall is so we can get up again. >> i just want to show tim new orleans, too, because it's like a source of pride and he's obviously has a long road ahead. >> but for now he gets a thrilling break watching the ravens and 49ers battle it out on sunday. theresa garcia cbs news, new orleans. >> 49ers defensive back will spend his off season doing damage control after his home phobic comments at tuesday's media day. after the super bowl, colliver will work with the trefr project to learn more about the lgbt community. a representative sa
. numbers will be firm in the spring. >>> ktvu crews have been in new orleans all week covering the 49ers road to the super bowl. they have been at the superdome, including the french quarter and bourbon street. but if you move east, it is a very different story. that is the lower 9th ward, devastated by hurricane katrina in 2005 and it is still struggling to recover 7 years later. the water stayed there for months. when it receded the neighborhood was filled with mud and sewage. 30 bodies were also found and thousands of people were left homeless. we went back to the lower 9th ward today and ktvu's ken wayne is in new orleans tonight with a look at the difference that just 4-1/2 miles can make. ken? >> reporter: frank, the convention center in new orleans is the center for a lot of super bowl activity but back in 2005 this was a temporary evacuation center for victims. so lot has changed here but little has changed in the lower 9th ward. >> reporter: this is how the 9 9th ward looked when ktvu visited in 2005. >> water coming in. no power. guys are going crazy. >> the lower 9th ward tod
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